What We Do

We focus on providing all disabled people with the right means to help them get past life’s closed doors. The world is full of opportunities, and it is only fair to help in making them equally available for all.

Our services deliver access consultancy, conception, implementation, and maintenance of practical accessibility solutions, satisfying the various needs of people with reduced mobility from transportation, education, sports, entertainment activities, and more. Thus, we offer full access installation for public and private spaces; whether they were future projects or already built sites, and we provide them with continuous maintenance.
In addition, we specialize in developing new product concepts, manufacture them, and distribute them to the market to become the disabled person’s guide to perform his diverse activities normally throughout the day. Our latest innovation, MEDEGO, an indoor GPS exemplifies this principle. We provide as well staff training and expert advising, enabling your employees to deal with disabled visitors professionally.
Ideally, we cover all kinds of disability technologies for blindness, low vision, deaf and dumb, hard hearing, temporary disability, handicap, and people with reduced mobility.