GUIDINO is a powerful tool for the digital age. It is the solution and framework to serve all your clients, today and tomorrow.

  • It is an indoor geolocation and guidance system, but its features open to a far greater world of applications.

GUIDINO builds on the profile of each user (student, client, and traveler); whether blind, wheelchair-bound or without disability, it will offer the best desired itinerary: a person with no vision will be routed through equipped stairs (Braille banister, warning surface, etc.); while a person using a wheelchair will be directed towards elevators. Finally, a non-disabled person will be shown the fastest access

  • GUIDINO is particularly adapted to large environments, such as universities, airports, malls, hospitals, museum, ministries, stadiums, etc.

GUIDINO includes several features, such as real-time guidance, Exit, emergency call, planning mode, free walking, Where am I?, etc.The security HQ can directly be contacted. Even more important, the user can receive urgent notifications, like: change of classroom, new boarding gate, special discount in a shop, security information, etc.

  • With GUIDINO, one is never lost, never helpless.

GUIDINO not only locates and guides the user to his destination, it connects him with his peers (through social networks), the location’s information system  (flight data, etc.), and his environment (special offers, points of interest, etc).


Our latest innovation , Guidino , locator and door navigation , illustrates the principle of our inclusive accessibility solutions .