About Us

Medeo Group is a European Accessibility Company with its headquarters in Paris. It is dedicated to innovate, create, and introduce new technological concepts that serve as assistive solutions for disabled people all around the world. Its services and products cover cities, governmental facilities, airports, hospitals, malls, banks, museums, universities, schools, etc. By providing societies with the most progressive access construction, equipments, and technologies, people with special needs won’t be home-bound anymore.


The Group is highly professional, having passed more than 20 years in the field of Accessibility, serving organizations and individuals around EMEA countries, and recently in North America. Our reputation has preceded us to new regions and countries, which allowed us to take part in a number of tenders with several prestigious partners.


Medeo Group stood up for the cause of Universal Access from its very beginnings, and never gave up until it witnessed an actual regulation was enacted. It is known to be one of the contributors that helped setting the Law on equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people in France.


Our latest innovation, GUIDINO, localization and navigation tool, illustrates the principle of our inclusive accessibility solutions.

Who We Are

In a world of fast developments, new lifestyles are being created for everyone to add to their lives a better quality. We are the ones who will make sure that everyone is able to enjoy a standard lifestyle, no matter what physical disability they are ...

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What We Do

We focus on providing all disabled people with the right means to help them get past life’s closed doors. The world is full of opportunities, and it is only fair to help in making them equally available for all. Our services deliver access consultancy, conception, implementation, ...

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